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Getting Ready for your family photo shoot

Hello peeps !!!
Take your family to the beach and have amazing photographs to share and remember !

We know you will have some questions, give us a call, e-mail or drop us a line on facebook if you can not find the answer here.

{ Appointment }

How do we book a session? Click Here > spotNphoto@gmail.com and let us know your best  dates and the time that would be best for you.
All appointments must be booked 2 weeks prior to photo shoot. We may be able to accommodate a sooner time for special reasons.
Please contact us to schedule your photo shoot date. 
Is there a maximum number of people?  No There is no max. Usual family sessions are 5 person plus 1 pet, no alligators please :-P. If you have more than 5 there is a fee of $10 per additional person.
What locations are available? We have a list of great locations in Long Beach, Seal Beach, Signal Hill, Bixby Knolls that are perfect for photo shoots and you can choose them here. If you prefer a place that is within 5 miles from the 90804 we can go there, let us know when making the appointment and we will be there if it meets the requirements for a great picture.
{ Before the shoot }
Please be ready to have fun with us!! Each photo shoot will be different and they take from 30 minutes to 45 minutes.
Make sure you arrive on time, you session starts based on your scheduled time. 
What do I wear? Wear what you like! make it colorful Bring props, flags, sport equipment, stuffed animals. We will NOT supply props. For little children we encourage you to bring toys. 
What if I can’t make my session? please call us 213 373 3686 with at least 2 days in advance to reschedule. There will be a $40 rescheduling fee if the request is made within a 24 hour notice. Not showing up is a non refundable cancellation. Weather is something we can not control so Rain Checks are valid. We will contact you if there are reasons the photo shoot date needs to be changed. 
{ After the shoot }
You will have many pictures to choose from, all of the images will be retouched & color corrected. We take pride and time to make sure our photographs look excellent. This takes about 2 weeks time and a week to mail you your prints.
After the images are ready and on your section of our website you will have a few choices to make.

Can we purchase additional prints? Yes, you will get one image printed and you are welcomed to print as many more as you like from all your other images . Our website has a complete shopping cart built in with hundreds of different print options for you, from small wallets to gigantic life-size prints that you can stick on the wall. All done on a top of the line studio and mailed to your house.

Phone 213 373 3686

email: spotNphoto@gmail.com

Facebook:  SpotNphoto