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Memorable Wedding Ideas on a budget

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Every bride wants her wedding day to be memorable, but let's be honest: navigating the wedding world is anything but easy. With so much to take into consideration, it can be challenging to figure out what will make your Big Day special -- especially if you're on a budget.

So in order to help identify the true priorities, we asked top wedding professionals: what's the ONE thing couples should do to set their weddings apart, and asked them to give us a "budget" and a "blowout" version of their wedding must-haves.

From event designers to caterers -- including celeb wedding planners Sharon Sacks, who planned Kim Kardashian's wedding (don't blame her for the divorce!) to Preston Bailey (his clientele include Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones) -- they've given us their best advice, tips and tricks for making the Big Day special.

Whether you're looking to save or splurge, these wedding day items and practices will guide you toward wedding day bliss.


BUDGET: "Include your guests in the ceremony. Most ceremonies are a passive, almost theatrical experience, where most guests are the audience. I think involving them in different ways can have a profound effect on the rest of the celebration." 
BLOWOUT: "You cannot overspend on:  good service , great music and the photographers as it will be how everyone will remember the day " 
BUDGET: "Create a truly personal and unique dining experience.  Guests spend most of their time at the table, so why not make this special and unique?   doesn't need to be fancy or expensive but the key is to make it personal." 
BLOWOUT: "Personalizing the menu, but take it a step further: create a truly inspired, custom tasting menu inspired by the season and the location. Give your guests many unique courses, and go for exotic combinations. Look for interesting wines to pair with each course and provide a custom menu to give each guest a "tour guide" to use as reference throughout the meal. Also push the envelope with the plating and the tableware. And save dancing for after dinner!" 
BUDGET: "If your budget doesn't allow for band changes or a band at all, work with your DJ to determine a flow for the evening and music style and tempo shifts throughout. It can even be as simple as programming your own music player with different play lists for the various points in the evening." 
BLOWOUT: "The one thing people remember in the days, weeks and months after any wedding is whether or not they had fun, so the area that I encourage my brides to splurge on is entertainment. A great band will facilitate an unforgettable evening. Beyond that, if you have the ability to change the energy of the music and entertainment throughout the evening, each time you do you will be injecting new life into the party. Dinner music should be subdued--guests should be able to have conversations. Following dinner, a change in the singers and or energy of your band will wake everyone up and infuse new energy into the evening. A DJ or further band change for after- hours or late night dancing will change the energy once again, keeping your guests wanting more." 
BUDGET: "Incorporate food from your ethnic backgrounds into the buffet or hors d'oeuvres; instead of doing table numbers, use names of places you've been as a couple; instead of place cards with names for the head table, use frames featuring your favorite photo of you and that person; use the proposal as a theme in the invitation or favor 
BLOWOUT: "To bring your wedding to another level, add a personal touch that incorporates you and your groom. This will set you apart from other weddings. What is personal to you won't be the same as personal for another bride. For example, if you are taking your guests away for a destination wedding, send them all custom leather passport holders with the invitation printed inside so they can use the passport holder on their trip; Hire your favorite performer to sing your first dance song; For a beach wedding: provide beach towels embroidered or bottles of sunscreen customized with the wedding logo; For a winter wedding: provide an embroidered cashmere blanket, Uggs, and flannel PJs to keep warm." 
BUDGET: "One of the best and most inexpensive ways to ensure your wedding is special is to ignore all the wedding trends. Express your individuality and focus on things and people you love. The wedding procession in particular is a great place to create your own unique tradition. I did a wedding once where the couple had the bridal party dance down the aisle. For another, the couple treated the procession like a fashion show. All the guests loved it." 
BLOWOUT: "Hire a talented performer. it doesn't always have to be someone that famous. If there's a local or regional singer or band you and your groom love, find out it they're available to perform a song or two at your wedding. A surprise concert is always a big hit with guests." 
BUDGET: "The one thing that really sets a wedding reception apart is having fun passed dessert hors d'oeuvres... Start them maybe 40 mins--or one long dance set--after guests have had dinner. Pick one iconic dessert: [maybe it's] your favorite ice cream in a mini cone, and pass it around the dance floor to guests seated and standing. It's an unexpected treat everyone of all ages loves ice cream!" 
BLOWOUT: "Break out more treats-- caramel-dipped lady apples, mini pies, mini popsicles with limoncella, cotton candy lollipops, and more. These add a great unexpected energy to the reception and [raise] the tempo of the party, Candy Bar, Dessert bar, Kids bar, Adult bar." 
BUDGET: "Accessorize your cake with some handcrafted sugar flowers. Nothing can beat the realistic look of a well-made flower, and it helps to tie in the table arrangements and bouquets used to decorate your reception. You don't always need to fill the cake with bouquets of sugar flowers, either choosing a fuller species will fill out the cake and make it look elegant." 
BLOWOUT: "One of my favorite parts of any wedding is the dessert platter, because that is where quality of ingredients truly makes a difference. For the cake,www.shakarbakery.com I recommend splurging on a moist sponge cake with a decadent filling like ganache with fresh raspberries. I also love when people splurge on a Viennese table with a variety of pastries; it give everyone a sample of something different. I always recommend splurging on the dessert, it is the last thing your guests will taste!
the best to call for a budget or a blowout is http://www.shakarbakery.com
BUDGET: "Consider setting up a table for guests to write personal notes on cards. Guests are asked to write a personal note to either the bride or the groom or to both of them with anecdotes of how to make marriage work during the tough times or encouraging words that they can look back on during the not so perfect times. The couple will leave the reception with a bag full of note cards and when they experience one of those rainy days -- as they are certain to come -- they should go to the bag of cards and pull out one to read and look for their family and friends to remind them of why they chose to commit their lives to one another." 
BLOWOUT: "Photo booths have become extremely popular at weddings as an interactive activity. It allows guests to be silly and have some fun with their date or other friends at the wedding while the bride and groom are busy doing the normal wedding duties. This also becomes a nice keepsake that guests can take home and relive the fun they had at your wedding. "
BUDGET: "For brides on a budget, I recommend using white Casablanca Lilies. It's a flower that has a beautiful fragrance, style and beauty. My other trip is to use underwater lighting in a gloss tower. Gives a regal look to the wedding at night and looks like you spent a million dollars for a whole lot less." 
BLOWOUT: "For brides looking to splurge, I love using antique silver plated urns, chaliced pitchers and vases for table decor. Fill them with white roses for an understated but stately look. These designs will make your table have a royal look and the urns and chalices are great floral keepsakes. Uber class, mega style that is properly designed , for this all you need to do is call Flower Stars" FLOWER STARS » Wedding Flower arrangements 
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