Softbound Albums

Softbound Albums provide an efficient and economical alternative to Flush Mount Albums without sacrificing quality. Unlike Flush Mount Albums, Softbound Albums do not have boards between the pages, making them lighter and able to accommodate more spreads in a single book. Pages are precisely cut at the fold and hinged together using tear proof material, resulting in a perfectly flat spread that can withstand wear.

At a little more than half the price of a Flush Mount album, the Softbound Album offers the same level of quality printing and optional image enhancing, yet in a more economical package. This product is great for parents, budget conscious couples, or as an extra album.

Each Softbound Album comes standard with a scratch-resistant laminated cover. Wrap one image, or create a unique photo montage

Available with unlimited Pages! A minimum of 24 sides/12 pages is required, but there is no maximum for Softbound Album Sizes 7x10 and larger. Softbound Albums 5x7 and smaller are available with a maximum of 50 sides/25 pages. All Softbound Albums start and end with panoramic pages.

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